KH-TE011 Meet Safety Analyzer

 KH-TE011 meet safety analyzer is intelligent meet safety detector and tester(360x300x125mm, up to 10 channels), designed for rapid and accurate identifying that the meat and seafood is safety or harm with disease or deterioration within 5 minute in site, as well as to improve the working efficiency of agricultural and health supervision law agencies, used widely in various large and medium market and supermarket,  reduce the ratio of the harm and deteriorated meet and seafood into the market, restaurants to protect health of consumers; as well as helpful for meat processing enterprises to improve their raw material quality control technology and efficiency, achieve good repute and credibility in market.

Applicable to kinds of meats: pork, chicken, duct meet, beef, mutton, marine products, seafood

Testing Elements: The standard object of disease &deteriorated meet, histamine, TVB-N, nitrite


Ø         Adopting new advanced design, small size to be easy to be carried away. No mechanical moving parts, anti-interference, anti-vibration, high accuracy, long life span.

Ø         Big LED screen display, good and easy operation screen, easy and intuitive to read data.

Ø         Adopting USB and RS232 interface, easy to store and download the data to PC;

Also can communicate with PC to read, analyze, statistic, print the testing data for further analysis

Ø         Can automatically check the system errors, with high intelligence.

Ø         Can automatically store the testing data. Big built in memory capacity for long memory

Ø         Built-in mini printer can print the real time data.

Ø         Built in big capacity rechargeable battery for 4 hour continual work when no external power supply.

Ø         Offering complete enclosure, beautiful and durable aluminum carton box for package.



Ø       Input channels no.: 10 channels, light source sampling

Ø       Sample testing: Multi samples can be tested

simultaneously; each sample is tested and controlled

by program, isolated, without interface for each other.

Ø       Absorbance light ratio range: 0.000 to 4.000

Ø       Repeatability: ± 0.1% (A)

Ø       Repeatability error: absorbance ratio≤ 0.003 (A)

Ø       Stability: photoelectric drift in 3 minutes: ± 0.002 (A)

Ø       Absorbance ratio accuracy: ± 2 .0%

Ø       Linear error: ±1.0%


Testing Elements

Low  Range

Testing Range

disease &deteriorated meet object














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